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Project Description

SharePoint.WarmUp (by Sogeti) is a SharePoint 2010 feature deploying a job in charge to keep all SharePoint sites (and additional URL if needed) awake.

How to deploy the SharePoint.WarmUp feature

First, copy the Sogeti.SharePoint.WarmUp.wsp file on the SharePoint serveur. Start "SharePoint 2010 Management Shell" (PowerShell) as Administrator (right click, run as "Administrator"). In the PowerShell window, type the following command :

Add-SPSolution "path to wsp"
(e.g. : Add-SPSolution "C:\Temp\Sogeti.SharePoint.WarmUp.wsp")

Then, run the next command to deploy the solution
Install-SPSolution -Identity Sogeti.SharePoint.WarmUp.wsp -GACDeployment

To finish, we have to activate the soltuion on the Central Administration. Connect to "SharePoint Central Administration" and go to "Application Management" the "Manage Web Application".

Select SharePoint Central Administration web application and click on "Manage Features" option in the ribbon.

Activate the feature « WarmUp for SharePoint 2010 by Sogeti »

How to configure additional URL

To add additional URL to WarmUp, go to SharePoint Central Administration. Click on "Monitoring" left menu, then choose "Configure WarmUp" link

Add the additionnal URLs and click on "OK" to save changes. For exemple, if you want to wake a SharePoint Search Center on http://myserver/search, add the following URL : http://myserver/search/results.aspx?k=keyword
Remarks : Separate each URL with a return

How to configure WarmUp job plan

When WarmUp feature is installed, the WarmUp job is configure to run each 15 minutes. To change this configuration, go to "Monitoring" menu and select "Review job definitions" link

Search the job named "SharePoint 2010 WarmUp". You can use "View" and "Web Application" dropdown lists to filter and find it easally. When find, click on job title

Use the plan configuration page to modify the job plan and click on « OK » to apply changes

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